GRACE Fellowship Church of Westerville
"Do All Things Work Together for Good?"
Romans 8:28
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  • GRACE Fellowship of Westerville
    3475 Paris Blvd, Westerville, OH 43081, USA
    Sunday 10:35 AM
“Do All Things Work Together for Our Good?”

It is difficult trying to distinguish between the various ways in which we use the term “God’s will.” On the one hand, we struggle to see God in every detail. Yet, we come to Rom. 8:28 that clearly states that “we know” this very situation is working out for my good. How do we put together God’s stated good working and my lack of faith in what I don’t see or understand? Have confidence, Paul has given us a very clear answer.
4. Knowing rather than feeling
> The parts outside boundaries
> Yes, all things work for our good
Small Group Discussion Questions

1. Why is Rom. 8:28 for Christians only?

2. What is the difference between my understanding of “good” and what God calls “good?”

3. If we were created in the first place to be like Jesus, why do we, after our conversion, struggle with our purpose?

4. What is my relationship to what God is doing in my circumstances? Do I understand that He is in them?

5. Define “all things.”

6. We know of the greatness of Joseph, Job, and Peter. Would I be willing to go through what they did for the same results?