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How to Respond to God When Evil Seems to Triumph in the World
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II. The problem is intensified by frustration and further delay.
III. How we respond during times when evil is seemingly triumphing, demonstrates how we view God and ourselves.
I. We sometimes look at evil in the world and question who’s running things v. 17
IV. When evil seems to triumph we must remember that we have a promise
SERMON TAKE HOME PRINCIPLE: When you look into a world of evil and can’t see the Lord, trust what He has said.
1.How to does evil seem to triumph in the world today?
2. How do you feel the things you answered in Question 1?
3. Where do you think God is when evil is happening in the world?
4. What solution does God give for those who may be losing faith in God because evil seems to go unpunished?
5. What role do Christians play in a world of evil until Jesus returns?
6. Immutability is a word that refers to the fact God cannot/will not change. How does this comfort you as it relates to evil in the world.

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