First Baptist Church, Zachary, LA
Divine Design: One of These Things Is Not Like The Other
What is the most important attribute of God's nature. How does this attribute relate to all the others? How does it impact our lives as disciples of Jesus? What does it have to do with the message of the Gospel?
Locations & Times
  • First Baptist Church of Zachary
    4200 Main St, Zachary, LA 70791, USA
    chủ nhật 8:30 SA, chủ nhật 11:00 SA
What does it mean to be Holy?
Sacred: thus distinct from the common or profane
Completely unique, distinct and different.
Set-apart, separated from...
What made the seventh (sabbath) holy? (work 6 days, rest 1)
most confuse holy for righteousness
Why is God holy?
Because there is no one else like Him.
How was Jesus holy when...
...he ate with tax-gatherers and harlots?
...he was always touching the unclean?
...he talked with a Samaritan woman or questionable character?
...he let his disciples pick grain on the 7th?
What should be holy?
The Holy Life?
How to respond to Him:
Dear Lord Jesus, I confess I have been living my life by my own desire. I confess that my only hope is in You, Jesus, because You died for my sin, was buried and rose from the dead. Now I turn from my dependence on what I know from the way I have lived and trust in You and your teaching to live your teachings to truly live according to the holiness of your character. Thank you for loving me. In Jesus name, Amen

Pastoral Search Questionnaire (Last chance today)

Take time to fill out the questionnaire and give feedback concerning the position of pastor at FBC, Zachary. The search committee will submit your feedback to the Lord as they go through the search process and consider each candidate.
Prayer Guide: July 16-22

7/16: Read Psalm 119:17-24 Pray for each person at FBCZ to know the blessing of the Lord to keep His ways.

7/17: Read Psalm 119:17-24 Pray for the committee to have open eyes and ears to see and hear God’s will and plan from His Word.

7/18: Read Psalm 119:17-24 Pray for the pastor to have an open heart to the Word of God so that he may walk confidently in the Lord.

7/19: Read Psalm 119:25-32 Pray that God would revive FBCZ according to His Word.

7/20: Read Psalm 119:25-32 Pray that the search committee will understand the Lord’s instruction from His Word so that they may be able to realize His wonders in the search process.

7/21: Read Psalm 119:25-32 Pray for the future pastor and his family to have peace as they see the end of one season of life and God strengthens them according to His Word.

7/22: Read Psalm 119:25-32 Pray for God to remove false ways from FBCZ, the search committee and the future pastor and grant all to understand His Word and ways.