Bay City Wesleyan Church
Sunday Morning 07-09-2017
Our Challenge for 2017 is to regularly ask Jesus, "Am I following you?" When was the last time you asked?
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  • Bay City Wesleyan Church (Onsite and Live Stream on Facebook)
    506 W North Union St, Bay City, MI 48706, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

Our Challenge for 2017 is to regularly ask Jesus, "Am I following you?" When was the last time you asked?

Our theme for 2017 is Jesus’ invitation, “Follow me.”

These two simple words will transform every person that accepts the challenge. I pray that in the next few months all of us in this church, as well as those who join us, will see Jesus more clearly, love him more dearly, and follow him more nearly.
BIG FAITH believes Jesus is everything he claims to be and that he will do everything he says he will do.
BIG FAITH a BIG DEAL for Jesus because...

Trust was devastated in the Garden.
+ Dishonesty
+ Distrust
+ Disobedience

God has been working to restore trust ever since.
+ Truth
+ Trust
+ Transformation
How does Jesus build BIG FAITH?
The 5 things the Holy Spirit uses to grow BIG FAITH are:
1. Practical Teaching
2. Providential Relationships
3. Private Disciplines
4. Personal Ministry
5. Pivotal Circumstances
All these painful changes produced a list of questions in my heart.
Why does Jesus allow these painful, pivotal events? Why doesn’t he do something about them when I’d like? How does he expect me to trust him when this happens to me or to my loved ones?
Sermon in a Sentence:
When your circumstances go south, Jesus wants to work IN you so later he can work THROUGH you.
If you’ve been thinking, “There’s no hope for my faith. My life went south and my faith went with it.”
I want you to listen for another voice. It might be a faint whisper. But filter out the noise of hopeless discouragement.
Listen for a quiet voice saying something like, “I called a dead man out of his tomb. I can heal your faith. I can repair your trust in me. I can refresh your confidence in me.”
Ways to Cooperate with Jesus
Pray that Jesus opens your eyes to see his presence in your life.
Participate in a group of BIG FAITH Jesus-followers.
Memorize John 11:35-36 to reprogram your thinking about Jesus.
Please, take a few minutes to think about the painful, pivotal circumstances in your life. Let the Holy Spirit help you determine what Jesus wants to do to heal and to build your trust in him.
Reflect on painful situations in your life and determine what Jesus wants to do while this song plays. Then I will pray for you.

Listen to this song again later

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