Miami Friends Church
You are a Gift to the World
Today, we’re going to take some time to discover the unique gift inside each one of us and consider what it might mean for the Kingdom of God.
Locations & Times
  • Miami Friends Church
    209 I St NE, Miami, OK 74354, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
-When I say you have a unique gift inside of you, what is your reaction?
-Do you believe that?
-What is your gift?
-What is the thing you are passionate about?
-Could it be possible that God placed that thing inside of you for a reason?
-Embracing the gift you’ve been given and using it to serve others is being faithful to God.
-Sitting on your gift and withholding it from those around you is not being a faithful steward of what God has given you.
-The gift that has been placed in our hands is intended to make life better for those around us.
-To make life better for those around us does not mean to make life easier for those around us.
-If you have opened yourself to God and said, “Use me how you want to” there is a good chance you will be asked to do difficult things for the sake of others.
-If this scares you, you are in good company.
-I think God asks us the same question…what is that in your hand?
-What is the gift God has given you for the sake of the world around you?
-What is the gift you have been given?
-How can it make a difference in the Kingdom of God?
-How do you need to respond?