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You must reject the lie or...It becomes a part of your identity.
You feel increasingly hopeless.
You become defensive.
You become a slave.
You being to LOSE YOUR LIFE.
1. There really is a Devil and demons.
2. We can be under their influence
3. They have to flee in Jesus Name
Stronghold - A Prisoner locked by DECEPTION

Stronghold - Living by something that is NOT TRUE

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For Further Study & Encouragement
Week of July 9, 2017

1. Last week, Pastor Mike talked about the need to Connect to God through prayer and Disconnect from the world, the flesh by fasting. Think about the barriers that keep you from adopting these two powerful practices of Christians since the time of Christ.
· Physically can’t
· Prayer is boring
· I have no time
· Not sure God would listen to me.
In Jesus name, rebuke each lie individually and ask God to reveal His truth to you.
2. As an assignment this week, read Genesis chapters 1-3 and compare the lies of Satan in Genesis 3 with the promises of God in the previous chapters. In addition, read Luke 4:1-13. Satan used lies to tempt Jesus to sin and give up His purpose. What did Jesus use to defeat Satan?
3. Read Romans 8:37-39 each day this week and let the Holy Spirit reveal to you how much you are loved by the Father.