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Series on Genesis, a follow up to "The God Who Is In Control"
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Main Point: out of all creation, mankind is unique, the crown jewel of God’s creation. And as special, unique creation, we’ve been given special unique responsibilites.
There are three words for soul in Genesis early chapters
Plants and animals have their own "souls" but this only means that they are alive in a way that a rock is not. It is NOT the same word used for mankind
God has more to say about mankind than anything else He creates!
Talks about what man's role will be, blesses mankind, shares control over the animals and plants with man
How are we doing with our stewardship over creation?

God gives several commands of things to do
1) Be fruitful and multiply over the whole earth
2) Take care of the plants and animals
Man's soul is God breathed, "ruah" meaning a gentle breath or a wind. What a great image for what God puts within us in our souls!

What makes us special, human, is not our bodies. If that were the case then the presence or absence of cells and organs could redefine us as humans. Not it's the soul, not our development or "falling apart."

There is a reason we want to slay dragons...

You are made in the image of the King to spread His glory, His name, over the entire kingdom.

God puts Adam in a garden He planted Himself and there is barren land all around it and essentially tells Adam to follow the examples around him and spread this beauty throughout the earth.

In what context has God placed you? What have you been given to spread? What beasts are you to name and tame? What thorn bush are you to rescue your fellow man out of?
Join us Wednesday as we discuss why we believe in the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.)