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We are honoring the guidance provided by local, regional, and national authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic and not gathering together in person. While we are physically distant, we are socially and spiritually connecting through the technological platforms available to us!
Welcome to Northpoint! We are so glad you have chosen to worship with us today.

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We’ll be back at Northpoint NEXT Sunday, July 19, with two services: 9:00 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. We’ll only be allowed 100 persons (including staff and volunteers) per building, per service. To balance the congregants at each service, we will be using an online reservation process. This will ensure we comply with the government guidelines and maximize the use of our space. You can choose your service time and make a reservation below:

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Stay Connected with the Northpoint Family. We all ache to gather again. Being separated is tough, but during stressful times, it is even harder not to have face to face fellowship and the strength that comes from physically being together. Even so, we can still connect with each other. One way is to fill out the new confidential NP Care Card (See link below.). Once submitted, the card will be reviewed by the Northpoint Care Team. If you so indicate on the card, someone from the team will contact you.

View the Lyrics to our Worship Songs
The Son of Man Came to Serve
Mark 10:17-32-52
Tony Chute, Lead Pastor

View the Sermon Note and Slides
As Jesus continues His journey towards Jerusalem, He informs the disciples about His reception as it relates to His mission. Instead of being received as the promised Messiah, Jesus will be condemned to death by the religious authorities and the Roman government—yet He will rise again. The somber reality of Jesus’ suffering is lost on James and John, who view the ministry as a means of personal gain. Their request to be seated in positions of authority is met by disdain from the other disciples and leads to a lesson on servanthood. The journey to Jerusalem is placed on pause for a final time when Jesus stops to restore sight to Bartimeaus, a blind beggar, who then becomes a disciple of Jesus. In addition to providing us with an accurate record of the life of Jesus, Mark’s Gospel also provides us with lessons on how the church serves God and others.
Sermon Key Note 01.
A gospel-centered church proclaims Jesus as the only hope of the world for the salvation of sinners in accordance with the perfect plan of God.
Sermon Key Note 02.
A servant-minded church keeps personal ambition in check, continues to contribute when feelings get hurt and counts it a privilege to serve brothers and sisters in the Lord.
Sermon Key Note 03.
A faith-based church welcomes those in need persistently prays for the needs of others, and leads people to walk with the Lord.
Questions for Discussion and Discovery:
1. Why were those who followed Jesus both amazed and afraid (verse 32)? What were their expectations regarding Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem? How did His announcement change their thinking?
Questions for Discussion and Discovery:
2. What were James and John thinking when they asked to sit next to Jesus in His kingdom? What other signs of presumption on their part can be found in the text? How should we respond when fellow church members act in a way that gets under our skin?
Questions for Discussion and Discovery:
3. What did Jesus mean by the use of the terms “baptism” and “cup” in this passage (verse 38-39; see also Psalm 75:8, Isaiah 51:17-23; Jeremiah 49:12)? How does His reply to James and John serve as a corrective to their sense of self-importance? How does the prospect of our suffering for Christ bring us back down to earth?
Questions for Discussion and Discovery:
4. What leadership skills can you think of that reflect Jesus’ call for servant mindedness? Does such thinking work in the “real” world? How can Christians exercise authority in a way that reflects Jesus’ servanthood?
Questions for Discussion and Discovery:
5. How does Bartimaeus provide us with an example of true faith? Are you persistent and expectant in your prayers? Are you demonstrating your gratitude for God’s mercy by walking with Him?


As a part of our worship we are called to cheerfully, generously, and sacrificially give (2 Cor 9:7). Your faithful partnership in and support of the ministries at Northpoint Evangelical Free Church allows us to impact the lives of thousands, both locally and globally, for His Kingdom.

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For Further Reading: Edith Blumhofer, Her Heart Can See: The Life and Hymns of Fanny J. Crosby (Eerdmans, 2005)

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OUR MISSION: Making Disciples Who Make Disciples. A disciple is a person who has been reconciled into a right relationship with God through new birth by faith in Christ and is consequently growing in love for God, love for others, and in joyful obedience to all of Christ’s commands.