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Weekend Worship @ TFC July 1-2
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  • Trinity Faith Church @ 10:30 AM
    2264 S Kansas Ave, Liberal, KS 67901, USA
    Saturday 5:30 PM, Sunday 10:30 AM
Saturday Night @ TFC!
Trinity Faith now has a Service on Saturday Night! "Saturday Night @ TFC!" This service offers you the opportunity to come and enjoy a time of worship with a little different type of music and an evening time for another option to fit your weekend schedule. Invite your friends who work Sundays, who cannot come to a morning service, or who are looking for something with a younger style of worship, but with the same friendly and supporting body of believers. We are expecting to see many new additions to the TFC family through this ministry, and we long to see more success in our mission of "Reaching and Embracing Area Families".

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I. Sometimes we think we're following God, but we still seem to harbor one or two little areas of rebellion in our lives!—one or two little areas that we have never submitted to the Lord's control.
II. God is very serious about this obedience thing! The sin of a single member pollutes the whole body, and brings it under God's dis-pleasure; indeed, “one bad apple CAN spoil the entire barrel!”
III. These three little cities weren't even in the Israelite territory, so how important could they be? Surely it didn't mean very much; after all, the Bible then tells us: "And the land had rest from war." v. 23

Oh, if only the story had just ended there! Too many times, just like these three little cities, those little, insignificant, unconquered areas of our lives become giants that we will eventually have to deal with!
We will one day look back, and say, “If only we had conquered them when they were small, they wouldn’t be issues that sap our spiritual lives today!”
IV. Here was a man committed to God, but Samson wanted to follow God his own way; he mistakenly thought he go wherever he wanted, and do whatever he wanted without consequence. Ever know anyone like that?
V. Gaza became a place of defeat for Samson, because he had unconquered sin in his life; perhaps Samson learned a lesson that many of us need to learn: “You don’t play in the dirt without getting dirty, and you don’t play with sin, without being contaminated!”
VI. That’s what sin will do: it will desensitize us to its consequences, and we won’t even realize the toll it has taken on our lives!
VII. In I Samuel 17.4, we are told that a giant named Goliath is threatening the nation of Israel!--and guess where Goliath came from? He came from one of those seemingly inconsequential little areas of unconquered sin and rebellion; he came from Gath!
IIX. David knew that God could give him victory over this giant, as well; King Saul told David that the giant was so much bigger and stronger than him; but David knew that the giant was so much smaller and weaker than God!
IX. Who was responsible for the defiance that Goliath showed to the nation of Israel, causing them to cringe in fear and dismay? Well, King Saul was responsible, for one; David's brothers and the other warriors with Saul might also have been partially responsible, due to their lack of trust in their Almighty God! But could we not also lay some of the responsibility upon Joshua, because all those years before, he had left those three little cities of unconquered rebellion!--Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod.
X. Here, we see once again where small areas of unconquered sin lead to defeat, defilement, defiance, death, and destruction; how danger-ous is it to have one or two small areas of unconquered sin in our lives? It is extremely important to God!
XI. We sometimes ask this same question today: why are our homes forsaken; defiled, defeated, and destroyed? Why are churches filled with division? Could it be due to some small, what seemed to be insignificant areas of unconquered sin in our lives? Could it be our own disobedience?
XII. Let me just say that in all too many situations, intermingling of the world into the Church has programmed and synchronized those churches in to compromising even the preaching of the Gospel, having “watered” it down to the point of being barely recognizable! We must seek to utterly destroy those things of the world in our lives that drain our spiritual being!
XIII. My challenge to you today is examine your life; see if there might be what seem to be areas of seemingly insignificant sin, or disobedience to God. If you can identify them, utterly get rid of them before they become a spiritual issue that you can no longer conquer!

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Questions about today's message? Comments you want to share with Pastor Terry or TFC? Use this link. Thanks for your feedback!

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