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Becoming Grace Bearers
Join us as we look at how outreach can become a natural and organic overflow of our life with Christ. What we cover in this series will help us put feet to our vision to be a vibrant, transforming community where we love God, love people, and serve that all may know Jesus! We have been given great news. Let’s learn how to live it and share it with those around us!
Locations & Times
  • Westshore Christian Church
    3062 120th Ave, Holland, MI 49424, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Organic Outreach

“Organic Outreach is about living the kind of life that naturally draws people to Jesus. it involves speaking the kinds of words that you use in ordinary conversations and that reveal the presence of a loving God. It means loving people in a way that is genuine. Organic outreach is all about sharing our faith in a way that is authentic, real, and feels natural to the people around us.”

•Organic Outreach For Ordinary People by Kevin Harney (page 16)
Organic Activity (from last week)

1.Five Days of Prayer
•God, help me to love this person the way you do.
•Holy Spirit, please draw this person to Yourself. Soften their heart and reveal yourself to them.

2.Jesus Study
•Read through a Gospel--> "How did Jesus love people?”

3.Connection Time
•Block out time this week to connect with nonbelievers.
Preparing the soil of our hearts

1.The Awesome Love of God (The Heartbeat of the Father)
2.The Amazing Grace of God (Becoming Grace Bearers)
3.The Unwavering Truth of God’s Word

Justice. Mercy. Grace

•Justice is getting what we deserve
•Mercy is not getting what we deserve
•Grace is getting what we do not deserve
God’s Justice is satisfied in Jesus
God’s Mercy means no condemnation
God’s Grace gives us God’s perfection
Even more about God’s Grace

•No Condemnation. Period.
•The Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses your conscious
•Christ, Himself, intercedes for you before God
•God’s Spirit lives within you to strengthen you
•“I Am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
–Jesus in Matthew 28:20b
Marks of a Grace Bearer

•Reckless love
•Generous forgiveness
•Sacrificial sharing
•A heart open to embrace and engage people who are different

So What? Organic Activity

1.Drink Deeply
•Spend time meditating on Ephesians 2:1-10.
•Listen to the two “Advent of Easter” sermons online.
•Let the truth of God’s grace and love capture your heart anew. Celebrate it. Receive it.

2.Get Reckless
•One extravagant / undeserved act of loving grace
•Offer it prayerfully and with no strings attached.
•If they ask you why you did what you did, tell them about the grace you have received.

3.Connection Time
•Block out time this week to connect with nonbelievers

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