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Principles for Success - Tony Bladi
Anthony Baldi, CFP, Senior Financial Adviser, Elder
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    5423 Genesee St, Lancaster, NY 14086, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
The 5 P's to Success:
1. Process
2. Ponder
3. Push
4. Prune
5. Persevere

1. Process: Guides us and connects us to our Why/Vision.

Why: Needs to be simple yet compelling enough to drive you.

• Read bible, other Spiritual and motivational books.
• Declare the word over yourself.
• A transformed and renewed mind with declarations is even more powerful because it is the combination of science and scripture.
2. Ponder: Pondering is another word for planning in your process
• Brainstorm, meditate and create your plan for success
• Establish your goals: Writing down your goals = greater likelihood of achieving them
• Spend time working on, not in your business: Get away from your office or place of work and work intentionally
3. Push: Execute the plan and process

• Turn from thought to action and implementation
• Despise not small beginnings: Create daily wins and count your gains whether large or small
• Measure what you manage and Manage what you measure: Track your progress quantitatively and qualitatively
• Be willing to have addition through subtraction: Sometimes addition through subtraction ends up in multiplication.

Burden versus being Burdened

A. Burdened: Relationships or Commitments
• Feel extremely non-motivated.
• Major trepidation leading up to relationship or commitment.
• Drained, tired and energy depleted. 1 hour feels like 3 hours.
• Can be toxic over long haul.

B. Healthy-burden: Relationships or Commitments
• Generally excited and motivated.
• Need a little kick start to get going.
• Minor trepidation especially if busy.
• Feel energized, excited, edified and encouraged.
• Energy high at, during and after.

C. Extremely Healthy-burden: Relationships or Commitments
• Highly excited and very motivated.
• No trepidation you’re ready to go.
• Energy is elevated.
• In your wheel house.
5. Persevere: This is where you need discipline and have to trust your process and why

• Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.
• Don’t view failure as failure but as a teachable moment and an opportunity to learn.
• If your why is strong enough it will provide stick-to-it-ness.
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Treasure Hunters – July 3 at 6 PM
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Collective Worship Experience – July 15 from 11:30 AM to 8 PM
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