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The Declaration of Dependence - THE (NOT SO) U.S.A (2)
Pastor Kile Baker July 12, 2020
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History Moments: The Declaration of Independence.
Series Focus: How to be UNITED when we don't agree.
Think About It: If action without intention can be DAMAGING, intention without action is just DREAMING.
KEY QUESTION: How do we follow good intentions, in bad circumstances with great actions?
1. True freedom is only possible with RESTRICTIONS.

2. Our standing with God cannot be achieved, only RECEIVED.

3. God's work in us is primarily expressed THROUGH us.
Uniting Truth: God gave us our freedom so we have a CHOICE, and He gave us faith so we have CONFIDENCE.
Discussion Questions
1. Kile mentioned that talking about history and politics may make us uncomfortable. As you observe what’s currently going on in our country, which of the following have you experienced? explain the situation and share what you did with these uncomfortable feelings?
-- being forced to acknowledge something we don't want to see,
-- to relive a past we’d like to forget
-- to ask ourselves tough questions that we haven’t asked before.

2. Avoiding hard conversations isn’t the answer. Having hard conversations without being thoughtful of others isn’t helpful either. What can you do to ensure that you remain thoughtful of others when you enter into hard conversations?

3. Intentions matter, but so do actions. And they should match, otherwise, we may come off as disingenuous, hypocritical, or at least unintentional or lacking follow through.
a. Christians have often been labeled hypocritical.
i. How do you feel about that label?
ii. Is there more truth or untruth in that label?
iii. How do you respond to that label?
b. Have you ever heard Christians labeled as unintentional or unable to follow through?
i. How do you feel about that label? Does it bother you as much as being called “hypocritical”? Why or why not?
ii. Is there more truth or untruth in that label?
iii. How do you respond to that label?
c. What does the bible say about hypocrisy? What does the bible say about lack of intent or lack of follow through? How do each of these hurt our witness?

4. What do you need to address in your own life to make sure your actions match and keep up with your intentions?

5. Reread Ephesians 1:3-14, 1:18-23, 2:1-9
a. How does this section of Ephesians describe God’s good intentions as well as his great actions?
b. How would you summarize in two sentences God’s good intentions and Christ’s great actions according to this passage?
c. How do these truths encourage you? How do they give you confidence?

6. Which of your good intentions would you like to follow with great actions? Be specific. What will it take to actually follow through and act. Share with your small group or friends and ask them to help keep you accountable.

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