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Join us in leading people to become fully-devoted followers of Christ! With 2 experience times, it's super easy to serve one and attend one! From LifeKids to Host Team to Prep Team and more, if you have a passion...we have a place.


You can give your tithes and offerings online at, or on your mobile device using the link below. Thank you for supporting Life Center as we lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. You can now give by text also. Just text any amount to 580-215-0303. The first time you do it you will have to answer some questions. After that you simply text the amount and you're done.
• Kaleo—To call
• Klesis—Calling
• Kletos—Called
• Paraklete—Comforter
• Parakletos—Advocate; intercessor
• Ekklesia—Assembly of believers; the Church; called-out ones
Calling is about WHO you are before WHAT you do.
• Calling isn’t about something important you do in the future, it’s about your faithfulness to Jesus today.
• The size of your assignment never determines the significance of your impact.


...The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. Luke 18:27 We would love an opportunity to pray for you. Please click on the link below and submit your prayer request.

Talk it over

• Do you normally give much thought to your calling? Why or why not?• What would change about your life if you believed that your calling isn’t just about what you do but about who you’re becoming?• What are some small and large ways God might be calling you to be faithful this week?• Start the Divine Direction Bible Plan using Plans With Friends: