Payne Free Church
Ephesians - God's Plan - All Things Reconciled
The Power of the Risen King June 18, 2017 Ephesians 1:15-23
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  • Payne Free Church
    1110 Payne Ave, St Paul, MN 55130, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Paul thanks God for the Ephesians so → he prays for the Ephesians to know → the power of the risen King, Jesus.

One of the reasons our actions matter (no matter how small) is because ________________________________________________.

It is only by _____________ that we can truly know Christ and God’s will.

We tend to _______________ in our knowledge of God’s spiritual blessings and call for us.

When we say there’s only one true King of the world, _____________ ________________________________________________!

Two ways we respond to our elections: ________________ or ______________________

When God’s power that raised Jesus and made him king fills the church, _______________________________________!

Challenge: Do I see God as a gas station? Do I believe what Paul says, that there is more to know?

Who is Lord of my life? Is it me? Is it the government? Is it something else? Or is it Christ?