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Is There a Cause?
How Men Can Find Real Purpose in Their Manhood?
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I. Men's need a cause because they were created with purpose/significance/meaning.
II. Sin hinders men from fulfilling the cause they were put here for.
A. How
1. Distractions
2. Misplace Priorities
B. Results
SERMON TAKE HOME PRINCIPLE: The only true meaning/purpose a man has is when he has a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and lives out that relationship in his daily interactions.

Prayer Requests

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III. The Gospel restores men to fulfill the cause they were put on Earth for.
A. The Gospel restores men vertically restores men to God
B. The Gospel restores men horizontally to people
1. What are some good causes that men can give themselves to?
2. How do men let good causes distract them from the best cause to which they can give their lives to?
2. Why do good causes and evil causes that men give themselves to don't satisfy men's need for significance?
3. What results in the life of man that gives himself to evil causes or good causes as opposed to his true cause?
4. What are you living for as man? Has what you are living for produce the significance you so desperate desire? Why or why not? What do you need to do as a result?
5. How does the Gospel restore manhood and give significance to men? What should you do as a result?