New Hope Church
Service 6-18-17
It’s Not About Me
Locations & Times
  • Movie Theater
    221 W Franklin St, Kenton, OH 43326, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Everyone is created on purpose, for a purpose, and with a purpose. God gives us dreams and purposes. He desires for us to accomplish great things!
The issue with this principle is:

We live in a society that says “It’s all about me”, which is counter Biblical
In Order to fully reach our potential and live the dreams and purpose God has for us- we have to surrender to the principle that it’s not just about us.
Three major things that will change if you apply this principle to your life:

Your Marriage -
Most married people don’t realize that the majority of “marriage problems” they are having in their marriage is really just (single people) problems/ mindsets brought into the marriage.
We are selfish by nature and have to deliberately make our marriage “not about us” (Doubt)
Joseph’s situation was not ideal to say the least but he applied this attitude and was rewarded
What would happen in your place of employment or business if you walked in tomorrow and said “it’s not about me” and served your employer/ customers?
Christians should be the hardest working people in the workforce
You were created by God and for God. He desires intimacy and fellowship with you. These are 4 legs that your connection to God stands on…

1. Read your (Bible)
2. (Attend Church) regularly
3. (Giving)
4. (Serve)