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Death to Selfie: Image Making
Discussion & Reflection from our current series
Locations & Times
  • The Journey Church: Pontaluna Exit Site
    6502 Schamber Dr, Norton Shores, MI 49444, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
Recap: In a world that is cropped, edited and filtered the lines blur between who we are, who we want to be and what we want others to think about us. We often settle for image making and that can often mean either selfish ambition or trying to please people. We can end up caring way too much about what others think of us but to truly find our "self" we need to "play to an audience of one". It only truly matters what God thinks of us. In the continuing story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis we see the family taking sides & selfish ambition and people pleasing cause pain and struggle in the family. Ultimately, if we're going to break the cycle of people pleasing and selfish ambition we need to care more about what God thinks than anyone else. We need to play to an audience of one.
(1) When you were growing up, did you ever wish you were someone else? Who was it? Why?
(2) We talked about playing to "an audience of one" in the message. Do we care what God thinks or are we driven by what others think? Are you prone to people-pleasing, self-promotion, earn your spot?
(3) Read Genesis 25:23. What observations do you have from this verse? What should this mean for Jacob's future (the second born)?
(4) Read Genesis 27. This chapter is filled with deception and taking matters into their own hands. What does this say about their trust in God's plan? Where do you struggle to trust God?
(5) We talked about three ways to defeat people-pleasing in our life. To own that we're going to disappoint someone. To realize that some people won't like you. And to not say "yes" immediately, but let it "sit a bit". What can you do this week to move past these?
(6) To find our true "self", we need to minimize what others think of us, and maximize my focus on what God thinks of me. Read 1 Corinthians 4:3. What does this say about this? How can you maximize your focus on what God thinks of you?
(7) "God has never looked in the mirror and wished he saw someone else". Do you believe that to be true for you? If that's true, what might that mean for you?
Next Steps: If you're a people-pleaser, don't say "yes" right away this week. Let it "sit a bit". Remind yourself this week that some people won't like you and someone will be disappointed with you. What matters is what God thinks of you.

God, help me to "play to an audience of one". Guard me from trying to prove myself to others, from trying to make everyone happy, from caring too much what others think. Help me to trust You and live your ways. Amen.


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