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Saturday Night @ TFC!
Trinity Faith now has a Service on Saturday Night! "Saturday Night @ TFC!" This service offers you the opportunity to come and enjoy a time of worship with a little different type of music and an evening time for another option to fit your weekend schedule. Invite your friends who work Sundays, who cannot come to a morning service, or who are looking for something with a younger style of worship, but with the same friendly and supporting body of believers. We are expecting to see many new additions to the TFC family through this ministry, and we long to see more success in our mission of "Reaching and Embracing Area Families".
Message: "Average Dad!"
Genesis 30.12-13
Deuteronomy 33.24-25
I. There are really no perfect families in the Bible!
II. Asher certainly didn't have the greatest start; I'm not sure when or how it happened, but somewhere along the line, something began to shift in Asher's life! Somehow, he became a different man; we'll never know for sure what brought about his transformation, but what we do know for sure is that he left behind a legacy of wisdom, faith, character, and service to his nation: a legacy not only attached to him, but to his descendants.
III. We simply can't measure the impact of our lives, during our lives. We don't always get to see the legacy we leave; we can't always see how the choices we make today will impact our children, and our children's children, and even their children.
IV. This is something every Father desires, and should even pray for: not just that God would give us just physical children, but that he would increase our spiritual descendants, that the Lord would help us reproduce our faith in others!
V. Asher was the kind of man to build a bridge, rather than a fence!
VI. We should pray that we might walk in peace, and have favor with those around us!
VII. I can't help but think that every Christ-following Father listening to this message this morning, has dipped his feet in oil! Do you realize that we have an abundance of it? More important than any material comforts we have, are spiritual blessings!
IIX. One of the greatest riches we have as believers, is the Holy Spirit of God dwelling in us! In a very real sense, each one of us has dipped our feet in oil! The Spirit of God regenerated us when we were dead in our sins, and we can be baptized in His Spirit, and the power that comes with it! Without it, our souls will grow weary and sore!
IX. (My paraphrase of Deut. 33.25) “God's strength will come to you daily, as you need it.”
X. Moses is saying to the descendants of Asher, and to us today, "Yes, you'll face challenges from the enemy. Yes, you'll face hardship, and grief, and sickness, and persecution; but don't worry about tomorrow, because as your days, so shall your strength be."
XI. “Average” Asher was the progenitor of a wise old widow, who recognized that this baby would bring redemption to Jerusalem!
Jesus brought redemption for every man and woman, every Father and Mother, every son and daughter, every brother and sister!
XII. We may not see how the choices we make today will impact our children, and our children's children, or even their children, but I can assure you, they will! You simply can't measure the impact of your life at any point during your life; so take heart, Dads and Grand Dads, and live your life as if every choice you make is a personal investment in the lives of those that follow, that will pay dividends down the road!

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