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Not So Fast Sermon Series Message #2
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Not So Fast (Message #2)
Isaiah 58:1-3
How do you know when you are a half-hearted Christian?
How do we know if we are hypocritical Christians, just going through the motions with religious formalism?
Many Christians and churches are full of insincerity and sin and this has trickled down into the breakdown in families and the basic building blocks of our society.
Applying this text today, what actions do we have that offend God? Do we have actions, habits, or neglects that are a stumbling block to others?
Look at the description of some of the conditions that was present in Judah and Israel during the ministry of Isaiah:
Isaiah 59:1-3; 64:6-9
The Sin of Going Through the Motions
A. When God convicts—vs. 1
1. Godusedprophets,priests,andother
people to remind Israel of their sin (transgressions).
2. Instead of being quick to punish and bring justice, God is still calling for repentance and a return to HIM.
B. Outwardly the people seemed to be eager to know God and for God to be with them—vs. 2
1. Seek HIMd aily...
2. Want to know HIS ways...
3. “did not forsake the ordinance...”
4. So what was the problem?
C. God is pleased when our hearts align with our actions—vs. 3-5
1. These people were fasting and praying in an attempt to manipulate God.
2. They placed more confidence in what “they did” than in God
3. Their fasts did not bring brokenness. Their fasts did not alter their poor relationships with others.
4. They still had quarrels and fights with others. They still exploited the people they worked with.
5. They still disregarded the poor and the needs of others.
6. Their hearts and not just their heads needed to bow before the Lord!
True Worship and Fasting
A. “to loose the bonds of wickedness”
1. A total devotion to God that affects our actions and our hearts
2. To love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength
B. True worship and fasting involves opposing any wrongdoing that oppresses others and abuses others- vs. 6b instead of verse 4!
C. True worship and fasting involves helping others instead of turning your back on them, especially your own family and spiritual family- vs. 7
A. God will cause your actions to be contagious instead of caustic—vs. 8a
B. God will have your back—vs. 8b
C. God hears our prayers and reminds us not to point out the failure of others and tearing others down with our words.—vs. 9
D. Caring for others will have a great impact on our church and community—vs. 10
E. You will put the Lord first in your life and yourheart—vs. 13-14
1. Give God the first day of the week and the first part of the day.—vs. 13a
2. Honor Him above your own desires—vs.13b
3. This will affect your family, your church, your community, your city, and your country —vs.14
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Home Discussion Guide
1. What does it mean to be a "half-hearted" Christian? How do you know if you are one?
2. What actions do you have that offend God? Do we have actions, habits, or neglects that are a stumbling block to others?
3. What did Pastor mean by "going through the motions"?
4. Read Isaiah 58:3-5. What was wrong with this way of fasting?
5. Read verses 6-7. How can you truly worship and fast?
6. According to verses 8-14, what is the result of worshipping and fasting correctly?
7. What will you fast from this coming week?

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