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The Potential is Through the Roof
How Christians Must Be Persistent to See Their Friends Come to Christ?
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I. The real need
A. His felt need
B. His real need
II. We should do all we can to bring our friends to Jesus.
A. Creativity
B. Crucial
C. Sacrifice
D. Continual
E. Cooperative
III. The message we must get our friends to hear.
A. Only God can forgive sins.
B. Jesus claimed to be God
C. Jesus grants forgiveness by grace through faith.

Prayer Requests

It is our privilege to pray for you. Please let us know you prayer needs.
SERMON TAKE HOME PRINCIPLE: To help our friends find forgiveness, we must bring them to Jesus who has authority to forgive sins.
1. If forgiveness is people’s main need, is it wrong to help them solve other problems as a means to sharing the gospel? Why/why not?
2. How do we determine which methods of evangelism are acceptable? Does the method matter?
3. How can we develop friendships for the purpose of leading others to Christ and yet avoid being manipulative?
4. Why is a proper understanding of who Christ is crucial in evangelism?