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We too often expect God to do something huge, miraculous, extraordinary in the moment, but most often, it is the small, seemingly insignificant, ordinary moments when miracles happen.

See, everybody wants the miraculous. We expect miracles yet all we see is the ordinary.
But what if God’s plan was doing something miraculous in the middle of the ordinary?

God is famous for interjecting the miraculous into the ordinary.He is a God of the miraculous, but he’s also a God of the ordinaculous. God of the miraculous ordinary.

I think sometimes we read the Bible and we see the miraculous things that happened in the lives of the men and women of old, WE WANT THAT! But it is possible that the enemy uses our love of the miraculous to inordinately put our attention on the miracle not realizing that God most often moves in the ordinary. Let me give you some evidence. Three people. Moses. David. Peter.

None of these people were doing anything extraordinary and we see this same pattern ALL THROUGHOUT THE BIBLE! Noah was just walking with God, Abram was just moving to a new town, Samuel was just sleeping, Esther was just going about her day, Joshua was just being a good assistant, Elisha was just plowing a field, Nehemiah was just serving, Stephen was just being faithful, Timothy was just being teachable.

I don’t want you to miss your miraculous moment, and I want you to know it is most likely going to come wrapped in an ordinary one.

These people of old experienced an encounter with God in an every day moment. I am convinced God is all about these everyday encounters. So how do we have everyday encounters, ordinaculous moments?

1. Everyday Encounters Begin with Every Day Encounters.
The people God meets in an ordinary moment are the people who have been meeting with Him.
What you are looking for you will find. What you are listening for you’ll hear.
All these people had two commonalities: not only did God meet them in ordinary moments, They all had pre-existing relationships with God. Be sure you are having every day encounters if you want everyday encounters.

2. Be Faithful in the Familiar.
It can be easier to be faithful in the storm than in the familiar. When the storm is raging, Jesus is often all we have to cling to. When everything is ok is when we slip in terms of faithfulness. The best way to be faithful in the familiar is to make faithfulness familiar. When you are faithful with little, the extraordinary comes.

3. Look for God in the Little Things.
God loves working in the little things. God working in the little things is one of the ways he shows intimacy. It is evidence that he is hands on, not just acutely aware.

As I’ve been mentoring Matthew Vetter, I gave him this advice to look for God in the little things. Here’s what he had to say about it:
“When I started looking for God in the little things it really changed my perspective. It helped me realize everything that I do can get someone closer to Jesus. It opened my eyes to the fact of how much God was using me, which helped with my confidence as well. It’s easy to see God in the big things, but if that’s all we ever see God in is the big things, we’ll continually need the big things to see God. I would need big things continually to build confidence which isn’t good. But when I started seeing God in the little things, the every day, it helped me build my faith and confidence in Him. I don’t need to be on a platform or say a powerful prayer in youth or whatever to have confidence. It’s seeing God move in a small conversation with a kid at youth or getting lunch with one of them to encourage them. Seeing God in the small things has helped me be able to spread Jesus so much more now to people in and outside of the Church, and helped me be a better leader and mentor.”

We expect a big God to move in big ways, but to God, the size of the move isn’t what’s important. Its the impact, the result. Most often, he slips things in that seem insignificant, but that mean everything.
Make it an everyday practice to look for God in the little things. You will find he’s been doing miracles all along.

4. Trust the Processor.
Notice I didn’t say the process.
Too often, we idolize the process and ignore the processor. You can tell this is happening if you are growing frustrated by the pace. We want speed, God wants readiness.

How will I know if I am ready? Wheels will begin moving that you didn’t know existed. The only feeling better than knowing you are in God’s will is the fact that he is the one that made it all happen.

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You’ve been stepping and being faithful and being patient - just keep trusting!
Too often we’ve wanted the big aha eureka moment to move us to our next step, when all along God has been trying to meet us along the road in our every day lives.

If you’ve been waiting for a big sign from God it is time to start seeing God working in your everyday life..


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