New Columbus Baptist Church
Anchor for the Soul
Sunday morning June 4, 2017
Locations & Times
  • New Columbus Baptist
    16185 New Columbus Rd, Corinth, KY 41010, USA
    Sunday 5:00 AM
Hebrews 6:9-20
Introduction: Encourage one another
Things that accompany salvation (unlike the things that bring a person close to salvation in verses 4-8)
1. God will not forget how you love HIm
a. Right action (loving believers)
b. Right motivation (love for God’s name)

They were serving other Christians and with the right motivation.
They had ministered and were still ministering to God’s children

2. God will not forget your faith v12

Circle of assurance
V11 show the same diligence (right actions, right motivation)
V11 so you realize the full assurance of hope
V12 so you don’t become lazy
V12 so you imitate those who inherit the promises
3. God will not forget His promises v13

God’s promises - John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10, Romans 5:8-9
God will not forget His oath v17
The two unchangeable things in v18 are God’s promise and His oath
The oath is found in Jeremiah 31
We can see it here in Hebrews 12:8, 12:10-12