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Burdens - Bear One Another's Burdens
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Jesus Chastised the Pharisees for Being Burden Makers
Cast Our Cares on Him – God Will Perfect, Confirm, Strengthen, Establish You
The Burden to Be Carried in the Will of God
· Bear One Another’s Burdens – Weight
· Bear his own burden – Invoice / Responsibility
A Champion for Self Will Not Do This – Self-denial to please God
Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.
And so fulfill the law of Christ –
Jesus Requires Us to Love One Another as He Has Loved Us

The Negative Expression counts all the things we do not do to “one another”

The Positive Expression counts all the things we do – Up to sacrificing our lives

We bear, bear with, we comfort gently and patiently correct and we pray
“...they were to be distinguished by tender and constant attachment to each other.
This was to surmount all distinction of country, of color, of rank, of office, of sect. Here they were to feel that they were on a level, that they had common wants, were redeemed by the same sacred blood, and were going to the same heaven. They were to befriend each other in trials; be careful of each other’s feelings and reputation; deny themselves to promote each other’s welfare. So in 1Jo_3:16 it is said that “we ought also to lay down our lives for the brethren.” This was a new expression of love; and it showed the strength of attachment which we ought to have for Christians, and how ready we should be to endure hardships, to encounter dangers, and to practice self-denial, to benefit those for whom the Son of God laid down his life.”
Alfred Barnes – Notes on the New Testament
He Carried Away the Burden of Sin, He Bore Our Sins Away at the Cross and Invited Us to Cast Our Anxieties on Him – Then He Invited / Required Us to Take Up This Burden – To Love One Another as He Has Loved Us – This is the Distinctive, the Mark By Which the Whole World Will Know That We are His & Are His Disciples!