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How the Holy Spirit Inspires Those in Despair?
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  • Christ Assembly Church
    2835 W Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
I. The real circumstances of our despair v. 11
II. The real cause of our despair v.11
III. The real cure for our despair v. 12-14
A. What
B. When
C. Why
D. How
1. What currently causes you to feel hopeless?
2. How is despair more about a relationship more than the reality we are experiencing?
3. What have you learned about the Holy Spirit that you did not know before?
4. How are Christians filled by the Spirit? Spend some time this week asking for God to refill you with His Spirit.

Prayer Requests

It is our privilege to pray for you. Please let us know you prayer needs.
SERMON TAKE HOME PRINCIPLE: God through His Spirit destroys our despair through the hope of new life