Miami Friends Church
Today, we’re going to talk about why our service matters and what it says about who we are.
Locations & Times
  • Miami Friends Church
    209 I St NE, Miami, OK 74354, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
If we look at Jesus, we see service as a lifestyle.
Service is a primary trait of the kingdom of God, and as we live in relationship with Jesus and with the church, it's produced in us.
“Your servants heart reveals your maturity.” (Rick Warren)
-So how does this impact you today?
-Have you ever considered that the way you serve the world can bring joy to your Father in Heaven?
-Have you ever considered that your service may not be reciprocated and that’s ok?
-Have you ever considered that the way you serve or don’t serve shows how mature you are?
-Jesus lived the example of service.
-We are all on a journey…so have some grace for yourself, but keep moving forward.
-There’s no better time than now to start serving.