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3. Christ created me to serve.
C. I am most motivated to serve as I think about His great love for me…
1. God's love is so encompasses all of us!
"(God) He loves each one of us, as if there were only one of us." - Augustine
2. God's love is so is eternal, never-ending, long-suffering, patient.
“The love of God is one of the greatest realities of the universe, a pillar upon which the hope of the world rests. But it is a personal, intimate thing too. God does not love populations, He loves people. He loves not masses, but men.” –A.W.Tozer
3. God's love is so is the very best and highest of is perfect!
“I can no more do justice to this awesome and wonder-filled topic than a child can grasp a star. Still, by reaching toward the star the child may call attention to it and even indicate the direction one must look to see it. And so, I stretch my heart toward the high, shining love of God so that we may be encouraged to look up and have hope.” –A.W.Tozer
4. God's love is so is absolutely solid and reaches to the deepest parts of our being!
“In the Gospel, we discover we are far worse off than we thought, and far more loved than we ever dreamed.” –Stephen Curtis Chapman
Know and treasure how the Word defines God’s love for the believers:
-- So loved (John 3:16; 1 John 4:11)
-- Love that endures forever (1 Chron. 16:34)
-- Abounding love (Ps. 86:5)
-- Wonderful love (Ps. 31:21)
-- Great love, reaching to the heavens (Ps. 57:10)
-- Love that is better than life (Ps. 63:3)
-- Great love (Ps. 86:13)
-- How great is the love the Father lavished on us (1 John 3:1)
-- For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love (Ps. 103:11)
-- Love that stands firm forever (Ps 89:2)
-- Unfailing love (Ps 107:2).
-- How priceless is His unfailing love (Ps 36:7)
-- Love that is from everlasting to everlasting (Ps. 103:17)
1. Nothing is too hard for God!
2. No one can stop God's plan!
3. He made all things and all things serve Him!
4. He does whatever He pleases! (And that's ok!)
5. He is able to save completely!
6. He cannot be predicted or limited! He is able to do above my expectations and my imagination!
1. Real servants make themselves available to serve.
2. Real servants pay attention to needs.
3. Real servants do their best with what they have.
4. Real servants do every task with equal dedication.
5. Real servants remain faithful to their ministry.
6. Real servants maintain a low profile.
7. Real servants think more about others than themselves.
8. Real servants think like loaners, not owners.
9. Real servants think about their work, not what others are saying.
10. Real servants base their identity on Christ.*
*Rick Warren, Purpose-Driven Life

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