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The Elephant In The Room pt. 2
What About the Innocent Native Who Have Never Heard of Jesus?
Tim Armstrong
Romans 1:18-25
What About Those Who Haven't Heard?
How Could a Loving God Send the Innocent to Hell?
#1 The __________ of God is Real

“Wrath is the holy revulsion of God’s being against that which is the contradiction of his holiness.”
– John Murray, The Epistle to the Romans

Romans 3:10, 12, 23
#2 The __________ of God is clear
General Revelation

A term used to declare that God reveals something about the divine nature through the created order. This self-revealing of God through creation is called general because it only gives “general” or “indirect” information about God, including the fact of God’s existence and that God is powerful. This is in contrast to special revelation, which is more “specific” and “direct,” and includes the appearance of the living Word (Jesus Christ himself) and the written Word of God (the Scriptures), revealing a holy, loving and just God who graciously provides forgiveness of sin.
Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms, 54
1. It is __________
2. It is __________
3. It is __________
4. It is __________
#3 The __________ of God is inevitable

Romans 1:21-23
“Man’s refusal to acknowledge and glorify God leads to a downward path: first, worthless thinking; next, moral insensitivity; and then, religious stupidity.”
– John Walvoord, Bible Knowledge Commentary
#4 The __________ by God is consequential

Romans 1:24-32