Church on the Rock
Discussion Guide Notes
Part 5 - 6-28-20
Locations & Times
  • Church on the Rock (Main Campus)
    17N230 Manning Rd, Huntley, IL 60142, USA
    Thursday 7:00 PM
  • Church on the Rock
    Thursday 7:00 PM
- Which is worse for you: A tiny piece of something hard in your shoe – a pebble, stick, dirt, etc. – or crumbs on the sheets?

- Describe the social situation that is most uncomfortable for you? Is it a holiday dinner table argument over politics? A family gathering with relatives you rarely see? A large party at which you are required to mingle and talk with strangers? A lecture at which you are required to sit still and silent, while someone says something you very much disagree with? Something else?

- What is a situation in which discomfort has forced you to improve? How?
In our current COVID environment, a great many people have discovered a silver lining: The ability to work from home. It’s something many workers have long wanted, but something that some workers and bosses fear.


Productivity. And why would people be worried about productivity?

The answer is: Comfort.

In the office, there is built-in discomfort. Bosses, lurking just down the hall or over your shoulder. Competing co-workers. Stuffy cubicles. Eavesdroppers. Spies, ready to rat you out to human resources. No opportunities for naps or free time. Mostly defined meal times. Endless staff meetings. And the list goes on.

But at home? You’re in the environment you built for yourself. Couches and beds for napping, or binge-watching Netflix. Video games to play, with no one to report you. No bosses threatening to walk up behind you, at the worst possible moment (we hope.) Human resources is still around, but with many miles of physical separation between you and that awkward face-to-face meeting.

In short, if you’re not disciplined, if you cannot maintain focus, it could be the perfect environment to get you fired.

As Pastor Josh shared in his message this past Sunday, comfort, while nice, can be our enemy, and our undoing.
Discomfort is never pleasant. Seasons of discomfort can feel even worse.

But it is out of that time of discomfort, that our greatest breakthroughs can spring forth, changing our lives and our worlds for the better.
- Pastor Josh said: “Love is dirty, inconvenient, and uncomfortable.” What does that mean? Why is this important?

- Can you encourage others in the group with a quick story of a time in your life love has required you to step out and do something that left you inconvenienced, uncomfortable, or even feeling bit dirty and stepped on? How did it make you better, or help someone else be better?

- How has God used this season of discomfort to reorder your priorities, change your perspective and/or accomplish his will in your life? In your family? In your world?
Think this week on ways to love in “dirty,” inconvenient and uncomfortable ways. What does that look like for each of us, as individuals, as families and as a society? Be intentional this week and in the weeks that follow to open our eyes to see how God is directing us to reorder our priorities.
- Ask the Lord to reveal opportunities for us to love, as he loves.

- Ask the Lord to give us the strength to love as he loves.

- Ask the Lord to heal our divisions, and unite us, as a church and as a nation, under his banner, pursuing his goals – and not our own agendas.