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7 - 16 - 17 Gifts for Strengthening
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    1625 Cline Ave, Griffith, IN 46319, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM, Sunday 5:00 PM
Administration, Apostle, Leadership, Pastoring, Teaching

Craftsmanship, Giving, Helping, Hospitality, Serving

Encouragement, Healing, Mercy, Music, Prophecy

Those with the gifts of strengthening will find themselves drawn to places
where they can build deep relationships with individuals and express God’s love through that relationship.

(Romans 12.8, Acts 4.36, 11.23-24, 1 Thess 4.18)
The gift to offer words and actions of encouragement to others in need of
comfort, counsel and care.

(1 Cor 12.9,30, Matthew 10.1, Luke 4.40, Acts 3.6-9)
The gift by which the Holy Spirit enables certain individuals to restore
health to those who are sick.

(Romans 12.8, Deut 4.31, Matthew 5.7, Titus 3.5, Luke 6.36)
The gift of showing kindness and compassion in the name of Jesus to those who suffer, and to meet the needs of those who hurt.

(1 Cor 14.15,26, Mark 14.26, Eph 5.19, 1 Chronicles 9.33, James 5.13)
The gift of bringing praise to God and leading the body of Christ in worship
through various forms of music, singing, instruments and choirs.

(1 Cor 12.10, 29, 14.1-3, 30-33, Eph 4.11-12, Joel 2.28,
Rom 12.6) The gift to “speak forth” and interpret messages from God regarding future events, revelations or truths pertaining to a given situation or everyday life.

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