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Special Guest Tyler Mendoza: Sheep and Wolves
In John 10 Jesus says some interesting things, and introduces some interesting characters . . . sheep, wolves, hired hands, the thief, and the Shepherd. Which one are you? Who do you want to be? Jesus tells us his purpose is "to give them a rich and satisfying life." Are you experiencing this??? Special guest speaker Tyler Mendoza explores how we live the life Jesus intends for us. Join us at 11am on our Facebook live feed at
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Jesus as Shepherd and The Door
1. Being Familiar with God's Word
B. Everyone Else as Thieves or Wolves
Discussion Questions
In a Growth Group, or with friends around the table or in the car, use these questions to help apply the sermon to life and take your next steps toward Jesus!

– What is it like to know the voice of Jesus and how can we know it?

We heard about some ways that we can learn the voice of Jesus. How have you experienced these things in your life and how can you grow in each area?

Being Familiar with God’s word. How we are reading our Bibles will influence how we know His voice. We become so familiar with God’s word and His truth that we know what He would say. What would it look like to read the Bible while keeping the whole story in perspective?

Practicing the Word. This will influence how we follow and recognize it. By doing the word we develop a real tangible response to the word of God. The more we follow it and live it the easier recognizing it becomes. The less foreign following becomes. How does practicing the word make it easier to recognize Jesus’ voice?

Meditating on God’s Word. Not all of scripture is easy, not everything that Jesus asks us to do always makes sense. But a commitment to following the good shepherd is a commitment to wrestle with the hard truths of what He says and asks. Jesus will ask you to do hard things. As readers of the Bible we must be content with confusion. And honest with what we struggle with. Faith is following when we do not always understand. But Faith comes with a promise that what we hope for is true. (Hebrews 11:1) Have you found yourself “stuck” on a passage of the Bible? Some passages are unavoidably difficult to understand at times, how has God used passages like that to deepen your love and understanding of Him? How has it strengthened or tested your faith?

Listening to the Spirit. (John 14:15-26) The Holy Spirit is promised to us to remind us of what God has told us. Listening for these reminders becomes easier the more we block out the other voices and we listen to Him. The Spirit is the living power of God’s word. The spirit is what brings Jesus into us. What are some scriptures you can think of that talk about the Holy Spirit’s role in reminding and helping us to remember God’s Word, and thus, Jesus’ voice? How has He done this in your life?

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