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Faith Assembly | Wednesday Service
Faith Assembly of God in Orlando, FL. Notes for Wednesday Service May 17, 2017. With Senior Pastor Carl Stephens.
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  • Faith Assembly in Orlando
    9307 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32825, United States
    Wednesday 7:00 PM
Main points about Jesus as High Priest from this passage:
1. Sat down—He never needs to repeat His sacrifice.

2. On a throne—A King as well as a Priest. A king has authority and power to fulfill our needs.

3. In the heavens—A heavenly, not an earthly ministry

4. In the true tabernacle—Pitched by God, not by man
This passage reaffirms the function of a priest, which also applies to Jesus in heaven. A Hebrew could not offer anything to God except through a priest. Today, we have to go through Jesus.

Mary was not a priest.
Levitical priests on earth served only in a tabernacle—only a copy of the heavenly one.
“a better covenant”

Three aspects of superiority of the new order:
1. A more excellent ministry
2. Mediating a better covenant
3. Enacted on better promises
The covenant based on the Law was rendered ineffective not by any fault in the Law, but by the weakness of man’s carnal nature.
The transition from the Old to the New Covenant is predicted in Jeremiah 31:31-34.
1. Old: External commandments on tablets of stone
New: Laws written inwardly—in hearts and minds
2. Old: Ended in rejection by God
New: Ends in permanent acceptance

3. Old: Required continual mutual exhortation, without direct access to God
New: Provides direct access to and knowledge of God for all
4. Old: Provided only a continual reminder and temporary covering of sins
New: Provides final forgiveness and blotting out of even the memory of sins
The new covenant makes the old one obsolete.

1. Neglect
2. Unbelief
3. Apostasy—deliberately turning from truth
4. Willfully continuing in sin
5. Falling short of grace of God

These become stages of progression.

Faith Assembly

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