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I felt led today to comment on God’s Providence.
Providence - “Divine guidance or care” (Webster’s Dictionary)

This is a consistent theme of scripture. For instance, the Psalmists writes,
We see that God’s provision in creation is for all, believers and unbelievers.

I’m using the term “Providence” instead of just provision. Provision is what He does. Providence says that is Who He is.
Years ago, it was a title often used of God. For instance, consider this quote by John Jay, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,
Under the auspices and direction of Divine Providence, [our] forefathers removed to the wilds and wilderness of America. By their industry [hard work] they made it a fruitful, and by their virtue a happy country. – John Jay
Here, we see that not only is God to be seen as our Provider, but how He provides – through “industry”.

You may have difficulty trusting God as your provider.
One thing that has helped me get here is that Jesus commanded us to trust God instead of worrying.
It is the sign of unbelievers (“Gentiles”) to worry. God has general provision (through nature) for all people, special provision for His children (“your Father”).
A belief in the providence of God will bring you great peace.

What do I do with this knowledge?
Or, What would you do if you knew your needs would always be met?

Giving thanks is mentioned 142X in the Bible
What are we saying when we give thanks at a meal?

I like this verse, because it tells us worship is something that is owed to God.
Basis of divine judgment
We are spiritual beings, even unbelievers. The material world will never fully satisfy us.
Did not mention Presence last week in fathering, but it should be there. Leads to everything else.
Garden of Eden before the Fall – “in the cool of the day”
Our prayer doesn’t always have to consist of a list of petitions. We’re just hanging with God.

Provision usually comes on the other end of productivity. We are made to be productive and therefore need to be.

The greatest form of productivity.

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