Virginia Hills Church
Chapter 4 - “The Rest of the Story”
Join us this Sunday at 10:00 am as Eric Reploeg preaches on RUTH Chapter 4 - “The Rest of the Story”
Locations & Times
  • VA Hills Church
    737 Rockland Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
  • Virginia Hills Church
    Sunday 10:00 AM
________________ matters.
Kindness is a transaction in which ________ parties ____________.
Kindness is a relational _____________________.
The _____________ of the believer is not a _____________ line.
Detours aren’t ______________.
Setbacks don’t have to be __________.
A few good ______________ can make a big ________________.
God is _____________ and He is ____________.
There is more to your ____________ than __________ story.
God purposes to connect our _________ with something far greater than ______________.
Everything we do in obedience to God is ____________________.

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Community Group Study Questions:
Spend some time prayerfully answering the following questions in preparation for this week’s Community Group discussion.
Discussion questions:
What have been some of your greatest take-aways from the study of Ruth?
Why does kindness have a positive effect on the giver?

Share a time when kindness made the difference.

What are some of the benefits detours, curves, setbacks, and hills on our spiritual journey?

Read Psalm 37:3-6, and Proverbs 16:3 and 3:6. How can we make better decisions? What are “best practices” for a Christian decision making?

Who has God already placed in your life to impact (your Oikos, or intentional family)?

Do you really believe God is connecting your life to something much greater than yourself?

God is always at work in the ordinary routines of life. When we are obedient to Him, everything we do is significant. What ordinary things do you do that God can use in extraordinary ways?