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The Powerful NAME
The coming of the Holy Spirit launched the church into the world. The Spirit also placed the spotlight on Jesus. In the power of the Spirit the believers lived out a bold faith in Jesus. Our prayer....do it again in us!
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Jesus changes lives....he is healer, redeemer, life- changer
The Spirit of Jesus awakens us to human need around us.


Who might the Spirit bring along your path?

The power in the name of Jesus

His name..... represents his life, death and resurrection
..... gives us his authority
..... brings his life into our present
Discussion and Application Questions for Group Life Communities

We invite you to use the following questions as you prepare for your Group Life community meetings this week. If you would like to participate in a group life meeting contact us at info@pnconline.org.

Read Acts 2.41-47

-What is the meaning of your name? Were you named after someone or for a specific reason?

Observation: (be curious, imagine yourself in the story)

-Who are the main characters in the story?
-Note the transformation of the man from the first to last of the story. What stands out to you?
-How would you describe Peter’s actions and attitudes in the story?

Interpretation: (uncover the 'why' behind the story, why are certain details included)

-How did the healing change the man’s status for temple worship? What was the impact on the people?
-What is the connection between the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to Jesus?
-What is the significance of the various names that Peter describes Jesus? see verses 14-16
-What does it mean to have faith in Jesus name?

Application: (connect the message to your personal life)

-How well do you give attention to the people in your life each day?
-Are there people that you look past rather than give attention to?
-What friends or neighbors are ready for a spiritual conversation?
-How might you better live in the ‘name’ of Jesus this week?

Next Week's Study: "A Better Normal- Praying for Mission- Acts 4: 23-31

All Church Prayer Invitational. July 9, Outdoor prayer service! Please email info@pnconline to be included in this event.

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