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Be Contagious – Stay Positive: Be Generous
Generous people are beautiful. We love being around them. We would love to be like them. It’s contagious. Generosity is Godly; selfishness is sinful. There is a constant struggle within every single one of us between giving and receiving. The antidote to your selfishness is generosity. The motive for your generosity is that God has already given ALL. The key to you being able to win in this area is that you are a NEW CREATION in Christ Jesus. You have EVERYTHING you need to be generous. You just have to choose to be. You have freely received, now go and freely give.
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  • St Marks Church PE
    447 Cape Rd, Westering, Port Elizabeth, 6025, South Africa
    Sunday 9:30 AM
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    Sunday 9:00 AM
Three Principles of Generosity

2) God honours your motive, not your money.
Three Principles of Generosity

3) Poverty is a state of mind, not a sum of your money.
Three Principles of Generosity

1) Give to God first.

God has shown us what true generosity looks like. So let's strive to live ever more in His image, being generous with our time, our treasures, our talents. God gave us ALL. How will you give your all for Him?

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