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June 28, 2020 | UNITED: Part 4
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Sermon Title | "The Gospel Revolution" | Part 1

There is a great call for revolution in our society, for change and turning things upside down… Our text paints the picture of a revolution of the soul that changes not just your heart, but has a heart-changing impact on those around you. As we read the text, look for the revolutionary language...
The Gospel of Christ compels us to live in a revolutionary way from what we know in the flesh. The Gospel Revolution combats all the destructive ways of the flesh with constructive ways of the Spirit.
[1] OVERCOME __________ IN THE FLESH WITH ___________ IN CHRIST. (v.17-20)
>> A. The flesh produces a culture of __________.
>> B. The Gospel produces a culture of ________.
[2] OVERCOME OLD ____ WITH A NEW _____.(v.20-24)
>> A. The new ______ is found in ______.

"But that is not how you came to know Christ." v.20

-- The Gospel changes everything.
-- The Gospel revolutionizes our lives.
>> B. The Christian life must be radically different from the old life.

"...assuming you heard about him and were taught by him..." v.21
>> C. 3 Steps to embrace the new order in Christ...

-- Put ____
-- Put ____
-- Put ____
[3] OVERCOME _______ WITH ______(v.25)
>> A. Deceit is __________.

"If your life is not based on absolute, total, impeccable truth, then you have created a climate where the devil will feel welcome."

| Dr. Adrian Rogers
>> B. Truth is our only ________.

"Speak the truth each one to his neighbor..." v.25
>> C. Truth is our common ________.

"...because we are members of one another." v.25

What is your personal takeaway from today's Message?

Response Form

If today's service has caused some questions or a desire to speak with someone, we'd love to talk with you. Please follow this link to contact our Pastor & Counselors.
Pastor Derek opened today talking about revolutionaries throughout history.
-- Who are some revolutionaries you remember and why?

Read Ephesians 4:17-25
-- What jumps out to you from this passage?

Our text looks at how the church should conduct itself in a culture that does not know Christ in order to influence the culture with the Gospel...
-- In what ways do you think the church is influencing culture?
-- In what ways do you think culture is influencing the church… for the better, / for the worse?

Derek mentioned “False Gospels” that put Jesus in man-made ideological boxes.
-- What boxes are we tempted to put Jesus in?
-- How does the unfiltered Jesus of the Bible shatter those boxes?

Derek mentioned that in our fallen flesh, we not only are gullible to deception, but our flesh & hearts are so corrupt we actually crave deception.
-- Do you see examples of this in our culture?

Derek mentioned that the world is already at odds with the church because of sin, but that Satan works in the church to put it at odds with the world.
--How do you think that can happen?

Our text says for EVERYONE to speak truth to his neighbor.
-- Is this an easy task?
-- What makes it difficult, or what ways have you been able to share that truth?

Have a great week! We will see you next Sunday!