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#Wisdom2020 - A Living Faith is a Working Faith
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Series: Wisdom from Above
Title: A Living Faith is a Working Faith
James 2:14–26
“Can that faith save him?”
Recognize our need to be saved.
A person is saved by faith alone,
but saving faith never remains alone.
A Faith That Saves:
1. What saving faith is NOT.
2. What saving faith IS.
1. Saving faith is not…
· Head knowledge only
· Respecting Only

2. Saving faith...
Starts in your heart.
Working in your life.
- Alive Toward other People. (James 2:14-16, 25)
- Alive in Friendship with God. (James 2:23)
- Alive by God’s Faithfulness. (James 2:21)
¨ A Saving faith is a living faith
and a living faith is a working faith.
Discussion Questions:
1. How would I describe what it means to be “saved” by God? What are we saved from, and what are we saved to?
2. Have I ever been satisfied with a “head knowledge only” relationship with God? How is this different from a friendship with God?
3. What are some practical ways for my faith to be at work in my life?