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This Changes Everything: From Bored to Inspired
“This Changes Everything,” is based in Romans 8. The goal for this series is to take the ideas from this powerful chapter and ingrain them into our minds and hearts, causing a change in identity. This six-week series will help us know who we are outside of Christ, and who we are in Christ. It is often forgotten or never really known how much Christ accomplished when he saved us. Moreover, we forget just how lost we are or how lost we can get when we lose sight of our identity in Christ.
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  • Kearney eFree Church
    4010 7th Ave, Kearney, NE 68845, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
Today's sermon is being taught by Adrian Boykin, Lead Pastor.

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At the end of our rope, the Holy Spirit’s ministry has just begun.
1. The Holy Spirit comes to our aid when we don’t know what or how to pray.

2. Out of intimate relationship, God prays for you!

LifeGroup Discussion Questions:
1) As you reflect on your Mother, what is one lesson she taught you, which you hold to this day?

2) Do you ever get in a rut with prayer? How do you get out of it?

3) Read John 14:15-20 & Romans 8:14-15, 26-27, 31-34. How do these passages inform your understanding of the Trinity, and God’s multi-faceted ministry for us? What other passages come to mind?

4) How does knowing that the Holy Spirit & Jesus pray for you comfort or strengthen you when it is too difficult to pray?

5) In what ways have you grown in your own prayer life (share a method or model that has been helpful)? In what ways do you want to keep growing?

6) Do you have a favorite Psalm or prayer that you use to stimulate your prayer life (i.e. Psalm 23, 62, 63, 150, etc, The Lord’s Prayer)?

7) Practice praying as a group by inviting each person to pray a one or two sentence prayer. Some members may want some time to prepare. Allow a few minutes of reflection to find a meaningful Scripture or to write down your own personal prayer.