Revolution Church
June 28, 2020 Group / Personal Study Guide
Use this simple study guide to help you dig deeper into the weekend message with your family, your small group, or even act as a guide during your own personal quiet time with God. Grab your Bible or Bible App and a journal and write down what God puts on your heart!
Locations & Times
  • Revolution Church
    토요일 6:00 오후

Worship While You Dig

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Serving is not just what we do. A servant is WHO we ARE!
When you serve others God changes lives & the first life He changes is YOURS.

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Start Talking
Find a conversation starter for your group:
• Everyone has some kind of feeling about feet - what's yours?
• What's the nastiest, smelliest thing you've ever cleaned up?
Start Thinking
Ask questions to get your group thinking.
• Describe someone who serves you. what impact do they have on your life?
• Why do you think Jesus used some of His last hours alive to wash dirty feet?
• Read Matthew 23:11 The greatest among you shall be your servant. How does this scripture make you feel about the people you interact with each day?
Start Sharing
Choose questions that create openness.
• Talk about a time you experienced the value of service?
• Do you serve at Revolution Church or in your community? How have your family, work, passion, and relationships been affected?
• Compare times in your life where you've been more and less involved in service. What patterns do you notice?
• If you're not currently serving, where do you think God could use you?
Start Digging
Read Scripture about forgiveness:
Start Praying
Be bold and pray with power.
• Jesus, You were there when life was spoken into being, yet you spent Your life in service. Will You teach me to serve others the way you have served me? Holy Spirit, tug my heart toward the people You want me to serve. Amen!
Start Doing
Commit to a step and live it out this week.
• If you aren't serving yet, go to Grow Track. You can get started by texting GROW to 210-880-6012
• How can our group get involved in service together?