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God's Grace that Restores
How God's Discipline is Not Only Punitive but Restorative?
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I. God’s gracious provision 1:17
A. A protective haven from the sea –1:17
B. A personal transport to the coast – 1:17, 2:10 “timing”
C. A private sanctuary with the Lord – 2:1
II. God’s gracious presence
A. God speaks through His Word to the heart
B. God guides our thoughts by His thoughts
C. God's Word has a cleansing effect on us
III. God’s gracious privilege
A. Recognize His hand/work – 2:3, 4
B. Refocus on Him – 2:4
C. Recollect His compassion – 2:6
D. Renew your commitment – 2:9
SERMON TAKE HOME PRINCIPLE: God with us when we experience His discipline designed to lead us to repentance.
1. How has your view of God's discipline changed?
2. Read and reflect on Romans 2:4. What is God prompting you to do as a result of reflecting on this verse?
3. Are you experiencing God's discipline because of your disobedience? In what ways is God providing for you, making His presence know, and offering you the privilege of confession/repentance?

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