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Equipped to Disciple - Responsilities of the Elders
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  • Desert Springs Community Church
    14440 W Indian School Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85395, USA
    Saturday 5:00 PM, Sunday 8:00 AM, Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
An Elder Must Live as a Godly Man

· The starting point for a pastor is a holy walk with Jesus
· A “holy” walk is first about a strong relationship with the Lord
· A “holy” walk is also about Christ-like attitudes/behaviors, purity (1 Timothy 4:12)
· One of the greatest things you can do is pray for your pastors

An Elder Must Lead the Church Family

· An overseer is a leader, one who is responsible to God for the church
· The responsibility of the elders is to lead the church on its mission to make disciples
· This is why our elders have set measurable goals for us for the next 5 years

1. 1250 professions of faith
2. 75% connected in small groups
3. 65% serving at least 2X a month at the church or a local ministry
4. 2 new church plants

An Elder Must Feed the Church Family

· Another responsibility of the shepherd is to feed the flock
· But part of this work is teaching the you how to feed yourself
· Ultimately, each believer is responsible to feed themselves

An Elder Must Protect the Church Family

· The church has an enemy and the elders are to protect her
· An elder is to teach sound doctrine and confront false teaching (1 Timothy 4:1, 2 Timothy 4:3-4, 2 Peter 2:1-2)

An Elder Must Work Hard

· The work of an elder is about serving, not being served
· An elder must live true servant-leadership as demonstrated by Jesus