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5.7.2017 - The Life of David - Preparing to Answer God's Call
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May 7, 2017

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As the “First Steps” class winds down, Anna will next be teaching this book by award winner Babbie Mason. Do you have a longing to know God more intimately? Do you desire a rock-solid faith to believe God for the challenges you are facing, regardless of how you may feel? Whether you are wrestling with questions or fears, struggling in your relationships, or facing a health, financial, or other crisis, the principles found in God’s word will enable you to trust God with your doubts, cease your wavering, and drive a spiritual stake of faith in the ground. If you would like to be a part of this class, please sign up at the women’s table in the upper foyer. The start date will be announced soon. The cost of the book is $10. Please indicate if you would like to order one.

Our VBS is scheduled July 10-14 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Our goal this year is to reach as many children in our community as possible. The theme for 2017 is “Maker Fun Factory”. In order for this to be a success we will need your help! There are several sign up sheets listing all the areas of our need outside the upper nursery. Once you sign up, our leadership team will be in contact with you as we plan for this tremendous outreach!

The ladies will be ministering in song and testimonies on Sun. May 21 during our morning service. Be sure to come out to support their ministry and bring a friend to hear about God’s miraculous power!


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May 7 ~ Jeremy Wise
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May 2 ~ Pastor Jeff & Anna
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“Religion is hanging around the cross, Christianity is hanging on the cross.” — Stephen Hill

Last week, we began a new series talking about the life of David. We left off with David being anointed by Samuel, and the Holy Spirit coming upon him.

Thank you for joining us!

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David did not go directly to being the king after he was anointed. He went back to being a shepherd.

Nothing had changed for him yet. God’s call and promises are not restricted by our timeline.

God’s silence is not an indication of in-action.
God may promise you, or call you or give you a burden for something, but it may take years for God to fulfill it, but He will fulfill it!

Do not give up on what God has promised you. His word tell us that His promises are yes and amen.
So in the mean time, David goes back to shepherding and Saul continues his descent.
This does not mean that God sent the evil spirit, he just allowed Saul to be tormented by something that God protected him from while the Holy Spirit was upon him.

When we are faithful to serve God the Holy Spirit protects us from the evil that is out there.
If you have a position of leading people you can be sure the enemy will come after you.

He attacks the parents, to divide the home, he attacks preachers, deacons, leaders to hurt the church.
When we start to stray from God, others in our lives will notice it.

You may play good at covering up your walk away from God, but eventually your attitude, countenance and disposition will change just like Saul’s did.

Saul has walked away from God, walked away from His protection and blessings and was now reaping the results of that.

We never really understand the protection and blessings that God bestows on us as His children.
True friends will always tell us what we need to hear and not tell us things to make us feel better about ourselves.

Human advice and material things may help for a moment, but they won’t last.
Like Saul, our first line of defense is “It’s not my fault" which is simply incorrect in 99% of situations.

We need to take responsibility for ourselves.
It's obvious that Saul didn't yet know about David's anointing...otherwise he probably would be hunting David down right about now.

If God speaks a promise or a call to you, it’s not necessary to go around and tell everyone about it.

God will reveal it in His time.
David was still going about working, and doing the normal things.

He didn’t sit around waiting to be king, he kept being a shepherd.

If God calls you or gives you a promise, we don’t just do nothing and wait for God to show up.

We continue about our daily lives.
David also took the time to learn another skill - playing an instrument.

We can’t all play, but we can all find other things that we can do to improve ourselves.

He knew he wasn’t going to be a shepherd all his life (even before the king thing) so he prepared for whatever God would have for him.

We should always be prepared for whatever God calls us to do.
He was good looking. Now we don’t know what that means in Bible times, but it probably means he took care of himself.]

The first thing people see if how we look. Is our hair combed, teeth brushed, are we showered?

We all don’t have or need suits or even the best clothes, but we can take care of ourselves.

If the outside of this church looks rundown and abandoned, people probably won’t want to come here, even if we have something great, which we do!
The Lord was with him. Others could tell from being around him that there was something about him that was different and they knew it was God.

Do people around us see something different? Can they tell that God is with us?
God can use anything in our lives to do something awesome.

We just have be ready to go when called.
David’s preparedness allowed him access to the king. People took notice of him while he was a nobody and because of that God put him in this position.

Being faithful while no one notices affords us the opportunity to be used for something greater.
“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity" ~ Seneca (A Roman philosopher)
If you haven’t fulfilled what you think God has called you to do, don’t quit, don’t give up.

Keep doing all you can as if working for God. He will fulfill that call in His time.