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NEXT: A Journey Through the Book of Nehemiah - Part 4
Week 4: Pushing Back
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Welcome! Thanks for being with us this morning! We’re in a series called “NEXT” where we examine what we are really capable of when Jesus steps into our lives. What dreams has He placed in our hearts to accomplish? What holds us back from being all Jesus wants us to be? This series is designed to help us go from existing to living out the passions and desires God has placed on our hearts.

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ACCUSATIONS happen when you lean into who you were meant to BE and do what you were meant to DO.
Accusations can be difficult because there is often a portion of TRUTH to them.
We say we like change, but we don’t. We like the RESULTS of change but not the PROCESS.
Your choosing to chase after who God has called you to be will IMPACT those AROUND you.
Nehemiah responds with an UNFILTERED prayer.
When we bring our critics and ANGER before God it provides us space for a different PERSPECTIVE.
The CRITICISM starts to lose its POWER in light of an infinitely powerful God.
Remembering leads to WORSHIP which leads to renewed PASSION.
Nehemiah placed guards over the work of the Lord (not in your book) – all the builders were ready.
The official office of gatekeeping that we read about in the OT has passed but the spiritual function remains.
Push back in PRAYER to create space for God’s creativity.
1. What accusations/temptations have you succumbed to that have caused you to ditch the vision/life

2. What needs to change so that God is who you turn to first – unfiltered?

3. What plans need to change so the vision can continue to take place?