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The Sign That You Need to Return to God
How to know that your fellowship with God is broken
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    Sunday 8:00 AM
I. We ignore God's Word – 1:1
II. We harbor hidden sins – 1:2
III. We neglect our evangelistic responsibility – 1:2
IV. We decide to deliberately disobey God call – 1:3
V. We disregard God's correction – 1:5
SERMON TAKE HOME PRINCIPLE: The major overall indicator that you need to return to God is a disregard for God’s Word.
1. Think the story of Jonah is a "whale of a tale", take a look at this
2. Are you responding rightly to God's Word? How do you know?
3. Spend some time this week concentrating more on meditation/application of God's Word than just exposure to God's Word.
4. Which of the "ways of Jonah" do you mostly identify with? Pray and talk to God about it.

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