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Hold on Help is On the Way
Knowing the God Who is the Sovereign Savior in the Midst of Global and Personal Crisis
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    Sunday 8:00 AM
I. Recognize God as sovereign over all people v. 1-8
A. Sovereign by defeating Israel’s enemies v. 1-7
B. Sovereign by defending Israel v. 8
II. Receive God the savior of His people v. 9
A. What kind of savior do you want? You want Him to change your circumstances?
B. The kind of savior God is- He wants to change you before He changes your circumstances
III. Rely on God the strategist of all periods v. 10-12
A. There’s coming a time of peace v.10
B. There’s coming a time of deliverance v. 11-12
1. What are you going through in which you need to recognize God’s sovereignty.
2. Do you have a relationship with Jesus that is evidenced by life change, trust God to be your Savior?
3. What situations do currently find yourself in that do not match what God promised you, rely of the God who has a strategy for all seasons.
4. How has God demonstrated His sovereignty in the backdrop of the difficult times in your life?
SERMON TAKE HOME PRINCIPLE: The Lord is our Sovereign Savior Who helps us in times of global and personal crisis.

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