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72 - Valued Eternally
Valued Eternally - Mark 12-14
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When we were created…we were created in God’s image. If we are made in His image….live like it.

God Doesn't Count Like We Do
If we are grateful to have our sins forgiven, we serve Him out of gratitude. If we understand that He is God – He is Lord – we serve Him out of faith trusting Him with every aspect of our lives.

Jesus Moves In As Lord or He Doesn't Show Up At All

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Community Group Discussion
Week of April 9, 2017

1. Often we are confronted with Government, Local, School or Business authorities that we may not agree with. When you think about specific policies….did they go against your faith in Christ and Biblical teaching or against your personal views?


2. Pastor Mike stated that Jesus did not come as a means to our end, but as OUR END. Discuss this thought among you. Does it challenge much of our praying? How do we need to change in order to live out this truth?

3. Simple lesson from the Widow’s Gift….do I give out of GRATITUDE – DUTY – OR FAITH? What difference does it make?

4. The sacrifice of the nard by Mary was extravagant! Judas’ statement concerning waste was on the surface accurate, but his motives were not correct. Society often criticizes churches and ministries concerning their spending on buildings, schools, etc. as being wasteful suggesting that the money could be better spend on the homeless, etc.

How, as Believers, do we respond to this criticism?

5. What did Jesus mean when He said, “the poor will always be among you?”