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1. Miracles- You are the God Who:
Our Easter Sermon Series
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    839 S 12th St, Quincy, IL 62301, USA
    日曜日 9:00 午前
A. Performs Miracles
1. "To be wonderful" or "to cause a wonderful thing to
2. Miracles Defined: "a supernatural event by which God
reveals himself to humankind.” (A/G Position Paper)
3. These wonderful supernatural acts of God are
discernable in 2 areas:
a. The Physical Universe
b. Human History
4. These lay a foundation for a proper theology of God.
a. He is above and independent of His creation.
b. He is also involved with His creation.
B. Performs and Displays Strength
1. Notice that the author does not use a past tense.
2. These words mean “to bring to pass” or “to make
3. What do they make known? God’s strength/power.
II. Classifications of Miracles.
A. Miracles of Supernatural Acts of Creation.
B. Miractles of Temporary and Localized Suspension of
Natural Laws.
C. Miracles of physical healing.
D. Miracles of divine power over death.
E. Miracles of power over the demonic.
F. Miracles of power over material things.
G. Miracles of power over plants and animals.
III. Purpose of Miracles
A. Miracles Display that God Exists and Dermonstrate
His Power.
B. Miracles Display That Jesus Is God's Son.
-(Mark 2:3-12; John 3:2;(John )
C. Miracles Display that the Prophets Were Inspired by
-(1 Kings 18:36-39)
D. Miracles Display That the Kingdom Has Come
E. Miracles Display God’s Kindness.
(Mark 1:41).
F. Miracles Display Gods Desire to Reward Faith
(Mark 7:24-30).
G. Miracles Display the Fulfillment of Prophecy.
H. Miracles Display the Glory of God (John 11:4)
I. Miracles Display Christ’s saving work!
1. It is a wrong to think that only modern, scientific people struggle with the idea of the miraculous, while ancient, more primitive people did not. The apostles responded like any group of modern people– some believed their eyes and some didn't.

2. We should all be encouraged to be patient. Some Apostles had more trouble beleiving than others but they all ended up as great leaders in the church.

3. Biblical miracles do not simply lead to cognitive belief, but to worship, to awe and to wonder.