Bad Boys of Easter #2 (4.2.17)
This is the second sermon in our series that looks at the Easter story through the eyes of the three villains.
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How would you like it if the only thing you were ever known for was the absolute worst thing you have ever done in your life?
1. Abortion
2. Marriages
3. Racism
4. Addiction
5. Fatherlessness
BIG Idea: Doing what’s easy is just to please me. By choosing right I embrace the fight.

We are family. I will not sit on the sidelines but will roll up my sleeves and do life together, because I need you and you need me. Even with my flaws, I know that I am embraced here, and I will always embrace you, mess and all. I will never give up on you because Jesus never gives up on me. I will never fight with you. I will always fight for you. I fight for family, and we are family.

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