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It's Better To Ask - BETTER FOR IT (2)
Pastor Kile Baker June 21, 2020
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SERIES FOCUS: Viewing life's WORST for God's BEST.
Think About It:
The presence of pain tells us that something is WRONG...
And the absence of pain can make us feel like we're ALRIGHT.

Two Types of Suffering:

Suffering out of our CONTROL.

Suffering we could have PREVENTED.
KEY QUESTION: What answer do you need, to the question you don't want to ask?
Key Truth: It's better to ask the hard QUESTIONS now than for LIFE to be harder later.
We can cause the suffering of OTHERS when we only look to the interest of OURSELVES.
Two Questions We Love To Ask:

1. What did I learn?

2. What can I own?
The Big Question:

Am I living a life worthy of the Gospel?
Better For It: Experience doesn't teach you anything, only EVALUATED experience does.
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