Trinity Lutheran, Bend
Justified: Romans Reading Plan - Day 4
Short readings from other sections of Scripture that will help us to understand the previous day’s reading from Romans in a deeper way.
Locations & Times
  • Trinity Lutheran Church.
    Thursday 12:00 AM
Study Question:
In Romans 1:16, Paul says he is not ashamed of the gospel. Why might we at times be tempted to be ashamed of it? How does God’s view of the gospel’s import and power differ from the world’s perspective?
Study Question: How does the phrase “the righteous shall live by faith” have even more meaning when understood in the context of Habakkuk’s prophecy from which Paul is quoting? What does it look like in your life to “live by faith?”
Study Question: In Romans 1, Paul argues that all people must know there is a God because creation testifies to His existence and power. How does Psalm 19 bolster this view?
Study Question: Yesterday Paul told us that God handed humanity over to our own devices and idols. How does this portion of Isaiah’s prophecy speak to what such idolatry does to those who practice it?

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